The 6 Most Amazing Pet Rescue Stories of 2013


It seems that almost every week there's another

remarkable story

of a human or an animal saving one another from desperate circumstances. Here, we've listed the top stories that have touched our hearts in 2013.

From Homeless to Happy: An Abused Pit Bull Finds Her Forever Home

photo: ยฉ Shaina Fishman
photo: ยฉ Shaina Fishman

Lucy was found wandering the streets of Bogota, Colombia,ย pregnant and starving. With the help of Stray from the Heart rescue group, Lucy is now happy and healthy in her forever home. Discover her inspiring journey.

Feel Good Story: Hero Cat Saves Soldier's Life

When Sergeant Jesse Knott took in an abused stray kitten during his military service in Afghanistan, he had no idea that the little cat would someday save his own life. Read how the two saved each other.

A Dog's Devotion: Pit Bull Puppy Is His Blind Brother's Seeing Eye Dog

Chester County SPCA

One blind little dog already has his seeing-eye pal for life โ€” his brother. Eight month old Pit Bull-Lab puppies, Jeffrey and Jermaine, were rescued on October 5th by Operation Ava in Philadelphia, and their special bond is touching everyone they meet.

Pit Bull Used As Bait Dog Gets a Second Chance at Life


Severely injured and living on the streets after being used as a bait dog, Cadence was taken in by the rescued group, Hope for Paws. Despite being tortured by fighting dogs, Cadence has been placed in her forever home, and loves dogs.

Making Us Smile: Two Puppy Mill Survivors Inspire Action

Teddy and Harley,
Teddy and Harley via

Harley and Teddy are two Chihuahuas who were rescued from different puppy mills, but suffered similar horrors during the years that they were confined to dirty wire cages, expected to produce litter after litter until their bodies were too broken to continue. Now, they have become the doggy advocates forย theย 

National Mill Dog Rescue

, and bring awareness to the dangers of puppy mills.

Xena the 'Warrior Puppy' Named ASPCA Dog of the Year


Shockingly neglected and malnourished, Xena, a Staffordshire Terrier mix, weighed just four pounds when she was found collapsed in a yard on September 15, 2012. After being brought to the Delkalb County Animal Servicesโ€™ shelter in Georgia, staff members werenโ€™t sure she would make it โ€” giving her just a one percent chance of survival. Discover how she beat the odds.

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