walkzee is Giving Shelter Dogs Their Day in the Sun

walkzee is Giving Shelter Dogs Their Day in the Sun

There are millions of dogs in shelters nationwide waiting for their forever home. While they are well looked after in the shelters, it is impossible for them to get the kind of individual attention they deserve.At the same time, there are millions of dog lovers that, while they may not be in a position to adopt a dog of their own, would love to help these dogs in need. But how?A new online start-up --


-- has the answer.

What is walkzee?


Imagine you are on vacation, getting ready to take a long walk on the beach or a hike in the woods. Youโ€™ve got all your gear, but something is missing -- thereโ€™s no dog.Any dog lover knows that a long walk just isn't the same without a canine companion. But just because you donโ€™t have a dog with you, doesnโ€™t mean there are no dogs nearby that wouldn't flip for the chance to take a hike or a long walk around the city.And that is where walkzee comes in.


is a web platform that pairs dogs in shelters with people looking for a temporary walking partner. You create a profile, find a dog in your area, and just like that you are paired with a walking partner for the day.walkzee helps dog-less dog lovers engage with wonderful shelter pups, while simultaneously giving dogs in shelters a more organic form of human interaction.walkzee also gives these dogs a chance to meet a potential adopter out in the world. By getting these dogs out of the shelter, it gives people the opportunity to see these amazing dogs in their natural setting, giving them greater visibility and helping to dispel any negative myths about shelter dogs.

Big Z - The "Zee" in walkzee

How it all started

The idea for walkzee actually happened more by chance than anything. While on a trip to Hawaii, founders Crissy and Charlie were on their way to take a hike when they both decided that no hike would be complete without a pooch to enjoy the trek.As luck would have it, a wrong turn landed them smack in the middle of a humane society parking lot. They went in, told the shelter about their idea, and a day later they came back to pick up a large Lab mix, Big Z. They were finally able to have themselves the outing they had been hoping for.After a little reflection about how amazing their day was, for both them and Big Z, Crissy and Charlie decided that it was now their mission to share this kind of experience with dog lovers everywhere.


ย Want to get involved?

As of now, walkzee is still in development. If you would like to lend them your support, they will be launching a kickstarter campaign in which you can contribute to their enterprising idea. With enough support from people like you,ย the next time you are out of town and missing your pooch, or just looking for a fun and active way to spend a day, you will be ableย to head over to


and get paired with a special dog in the area to take along for the ride.


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