Symptoms of Canine Brucellosis Why is it difficult to diagnose Canine Brucellosis?

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Canine brucellosis is caused by the bacteria Brucella Canis and can cause reproductive failure and severe illness in dogs entering puberty. The symptoms of brucellosis are similar to other diseases.

Brucellosis is a serious disease that can affect both humans and animals alike. If you suspect your dog has brucellosis, then it is important to seek medical help as quickly as possible. This article will outline some of the symptoms that make canine brucellosis easy to diagnose and treat early. 

Canine Brucellosis Symptoms

Canine brucellosis symptoms are those that are noticed in the animal body after infection with the canine brucellosis bacteria. Since this disease is not commonly seen in dogs, it can be difficult to diagnose. In particular, breeders should be especially careful about canine brucellosis. If a dog is diagnosed with the condition, it should be quarantined for at least one month.

It is also difficult for vets to diagnose because the symptoms are shared by many other diseases. The only way to be certain is with a blood test or vaginal smear. Some examples of other illnesses that can cause the same symptoms are:

? Leptospirosis (a bacterial infection spread through animal urine)

? Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (a tick-borne disease)

? Lyme disease (a bacterial infection spread through tick bites)


Canine brucellosis symptoms in animals can be extremely severe and generally include:

? Abdominal pain, fever, lethargy, loss of appetite

? Infertility, behavioral problems, blindness, and an enlarged spleen

? Other signs may include joint pain as well as loss of body fat.

? Onset of clinical signs can be gradual or sudden. 

Early Detection Of Brucellosis

Brucellosis is a bacterial infection that can be treated with antibiotics if caught early enough, so it is important to get tested and diagnosed as soon as possible. If you catch it early enough and get treatment started immediately before it spreads too far, your dog should be fine within a month or two. 

Early detection of brucellosis can save you from much trouble later in life. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to treat and sometimes even impossible. It can even spread to other animals if not treated timely.

It will probably be your vet who diagnoses brucellosis in your dog. However, if you want a second opinion or have concerns about the accuracy of the diagnosis, there is no harm in seeing an animal hospital that specializes in canine health. 

It Is Important To Seek Medical Help

It is essential to seek medical help if you suspect your pet may have been infected by this disease. Treatments for canine brucellosis can be administered in various ways, depending on the severity of the symptoms and where they are located.

Most commonly, antibiotics are used as a treatment method for dogs with canine brucellosis. Antibiotics for dogs like clindamycin for dogs may be taken in pill form or given through injections under the skin or into muscles, the choice depends on how advanced the infection is and how quickly the dog needs treatment.

Other anti-bacterial pet meds like doxycycline for dogs, Animax ointment, etc., to fight the bacterial infection, along with other medications like pain meds, etc., depending on the symptoms. 

What Can You Do To Help Your Dog

It is important to get your pet medical attention if they suffer from the condition. However, there are a few things you can do to make them feel more comfortable:

·   If your dog has difficulty eating his pet meds, get him pill pockets for dogs to make eating medicines easier.

·   It is advisable to have separate dog bowls if yours is a multiple-dog house, along with other measures to keep the infected dog away from others.

·       If your fur baby is experiencing joint pain, you can get them an orthopedic dog bed to help them have a sound sleep.

·   Dog eye drops to help with the irritation in the eye, Cerenia for dogs for vomiting and nausea, and Clomicalm for behavioral problems are the treatment options if you notice any or all of such symptoms in your dog. 


The most important thing to remember is that this is a very serious disease. Once you know what canine brucellosis symptoms look like, you should be able to catch it before it spreads too far and causes more damage than necessary. If you suspect that your dog might have been infected by this disease or been exposed to an infected dog, then take them immediately to your vet so they can be treated immediately!

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