Six Funniest Dog Shaming Moments!

Six Funniest Dog Shaming Moments!

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Dogs are among the most loved pets all over! However, it hasnโ€™t stopped them from causing some trouble, whether digging up gardens or eating big bites out of their ownerโ€™s pizza. However, there is a fun solution to the trouble-causing habit of dogs: public embarrassment! This is what we call dog shaming. We present some of the funniest dog- shaming moments shared by amused owners.

  1. Delicate paw issuesA couple shared the hilarious dog shaming moment of their dog, Velvet. She has delicate paws that prevent her from running alongside when the couple goes biking (which they incidentally love!). So the husband and wife decided to devise two sidecars for the bike that could carry Velvet and the other dog, called Bailey. So both the dogs can now easily accompany their owners on all bike trips! In a picture shared by the couple, Velvet appears cutely ashamed, thinking that it got trapped in a bag because of its delicate paws. However, she also secretly adores the utility bags on the sides of the bike, hopping in at every possible opportunity!
  2. Poop and eatOkay, this one is truly comical! An owner of two little dogs shared a picture of them wearing tags with funny messages written on them. The message on one of the collar tags read โ€˜I like pooping in dark roomsโ€™ and the other one wore a tag that said โ€˜And I like eating the evidenceโ€™. This is definitely a pair made for each other! Talk about honest confessions.
  3. Toy thiefWondering where all your kidโ€™s toys are disappearing? Well, we suspect its Daisy dearest having fun playing with all of them. Yes, this one is a toy thief! A picture of her wearing a tag that says โ€˜I love stealing my neighborsโ€™ toysโ€™ is simply side-splitting.
  4. Food comaThe 8-year old, Boney, has no shame admitting that she reaches up to the tables and wolfs down the entire breakfast if her owners leave for 30 seconds! The owner shared a story of how Boney stole all of her sonโ€™s freshly prepared waffles on the weekend and sat there with absolutely no regrets. Burp.
  5. Flip-flop loveNow Max is a pretty smart dog. His owner says that he loves chewing her flip flops and then puts them back into the closet, pretending nothing actually happened. Hmm..Maxโ€™s got his training right and knows how to clean up a mess. Wink! Wink!
  6. Happy birthday, mommy!Dear Nova had a great time surprising her owner by breaking her only pair of reading glasses on her birthday! He looked up at her with innocent eyes, as if saying โ€˜Happy Birthday and apologies for the damageโ€™! Aww, those puppy eyes work every time, don't they?
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