How to Make Life Comfortable for Your Senior Cat?


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As time goes on, it is inevitable that our favorite feline friends will grow old. Felines who were once the life of the house will become inactive over time. Also, the chances of getting heart issues, kidney diseases, high blood pressure, and arthritis increases.Once your feline becomes a senior, you need to take it to the vet twice a year to get its overall health checked out. You can also follow these tips make sure your feline has a comfortable life:

  1. Changes in dietAs your feline enters its senior years, you need to make changes in its diet. Ask your vet about giving your feline a high-quality and balanced diet. If your feline has a medical condition, it may also require a special feed.You can also add supplements to its diet, to ensure it gets all the necessary minerals and vitamins to lead a healthy life. It will also reduce the pain your feline will have if it has arthritis.
  2. HeatedWhen felines grow older, they love to sleep more than investigate what is going on around them. You can make your felineโ€™s sleep more comfortable by providing heating pads or heated beds. Try to pick a bed that only turns itself on when your feline is on it. You can also pick up an orthopedic bed if heated beds arenโ€™t sufficient.
  3. Ramps and stepsIn your felineโ€™s senior years, it will find it harder to reach its favorite spots such as the window sill, your lap or your bed. However, you can make it easy for your feline by installing ramps and steps near its favorite spots.
  4. Food and water bowlYour feline will find it challenging to bend down to eat food and drink water from its bowl. By placing stands below its food and water bowl, your felineโ€™s life will become much easier. Also, ensure your feline has access to multiple water sources around your house.
  5. Install night lightsJust like us, your felineโ€™s eyesight will lose power over time. You can make it easier for your feline to move about your house during the darker hours with the help of night lights.
  6. Low-intensity playtimeYour senior feline will still love playing with you, but less frequently and at lower intensities. Ensure your feline still gets quality playtime but avoid startling it. Low-intensity games will make sure your feline is still fit in its senior years.
  7. Place more litter boxesYou can make the life of your feline more comfortable by placing multiple litter boxes around your house. By doing this, your feline wonโ€™t have to take a long walk to relieve itself.

Use these seven tips to make life comfortable for your senior cat. If you have any queries, feel free to leave a comment below!

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