Should You Put Your Cat on a Leash?


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A common question that cat owners have is whether they should ever put their cats on a leash. While leashing dogs is perfectly normal and a common sight, leashed cats are less easy on the eyes. This is because considering the nature of cats, many people donโ€™t understand why cats are put on a leash.

However, today, many cat owners have started leashing their cats. There may be various reasons for doing so. One could be that you want to exercise your cat and take them outdoors for a walk, which makes leashing a great walking tool. Another reason could be that you know your cat likes to spend time outdoors, but you are afraid that it may run away.

On top of this, sometimes, several cats who are prone to anxiety can feel safer and more comfortable when on a leash. When outside, being leashed tells them their owner is right next to them, which makes them calmer and more confident.

How does your cat feel about being leashed?

Now that you are aware of the different reasons why a cat may be put on a leash, it begs the question: Does your cat like being leashed in the first place? It depends on the cat. While some cats get used to being leashed, some cannot stand it and donโ€™t like it one bit.

There is a high chance that your cat wonโ€™t like being put on a leash, especially if it is something you introduce to them when they have already grown. Most cats like to roam free on their own will and they enjoy being able to go anywhere they want whenever they want.

If you try putting your cat on a leash, and they end up fighting you, clawing at you, meowing constantly or if they try to remove the leash themselves, thatโ€™s their way of telling you that they donโ€™t like it. Make sure you listen to your cat carefully. Itโ€™s important not to force your cat to adapt or get used to the leash if they donโ€™t like it.

What to know about leashing your cat

If you want to try and put your cat on a leash to see how they would react, the first things you need are a leash and a harness. Make sure that you get a harness, not a collar. This is because if you get something as soft as a collar, there is a high chance that your cat will squeeze their way out of it. The best place to start leash training your cat is at home. In a comfortable, familiar and confined space, you can see how your cat reacts to the leash, and even if they donโ€™t like it, it wonโ€™t be much trouble to get them out of it.

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