Shocking Reason Animal Control Could Take Your Pet, And How to Prevent It


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Rabies is a very serious disease that can be easily controlled with proper vaccination. However, many cats and dogs are unprotected against this dangerous, and largely fatal disease, even though most states require that every pet be vaccinated.

Rabies is dangerous enough, but did you know that if Animal Control gets wind that a non vaccinated pet sustained a bite from another animal, in many states they will take your pet into custody, regardless of whether the bite can be proved to contain the rabies virus. The CDC advises that all unvaccinated pets bitten by animals not available for testing be treated as if they have rabies. A scary thought when you consider the next step they advise -- "unvaccinated dogs, cats, and ferrets exposed to a rabid animal should be euthanized immediately."

One Lucky Dog

Take New York City's non-famousย rescue dog Jake for example -- he was almost euthanized because of his assumed risk for carrying the rabies virus. Thanks to the tireless efforts from the good people at The Lexus Project, Jake has found legal representation and will receive an official hearing on Dec 19th.

However, many pets are not as lucky as Jake, and depending on your state, you could lose your pet for an extended quarantine period, or they could even be put down.

Veterinarians Required to Report Bite Wounds

In many states, veterinarians are required to report bites they seeย to the state health department, and determine from there if the pet needs quarantine in a hospital, at home, or if the animal is in critical condition and must be euthanized.

To prevent a tragic incident like this from happening to you and your pets, make sure they are all up to date on their rabies vaccines. Not only does your state probably require that you do so, it is in your best interest to make sure your pet is protected against this terrible disease.

To find out if your dog or cat is current with their vaccinations, contact your vet today, and if they need a booster, set up an appointment as soon as possible.

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