How to Observe Grill Safety When Your Dog is Around?


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Firing up the grill in the backyard is quite possible the most enjoyable and delicious summertime activities. While grilling up the veggies and meat is a wonderful treat for all friends and family members, it can be dangerous if you have a dog around. That does not mean that you have to skip out on the barbeque season if you are a pet parent. Just take the proper precautions to make sure that you and your guests have the safest possible experience this summer.

What are the risks?

As far as grilling around pets is concerned, there are multiple risks including skin irritations, burns, choking, eye trauma, ingesting sharp bones, harmful foods and dangerous objects like grilling implements.

How can you ensure pet safety?

You need to make sure that the grill is at least three feet away from your dog. The same goes for the charcoal fluid, which can be poisonous if ingested. Never leave the grill unattended, as curious dogs tend to work their way to the area and accidentally burn themselves or others.If, inadvertently, your dog does manage to find his way to the grill, you want to be prepared to protect him against possible injuries. Grease and fat buildups must be trapped under the grill, and removed regularly. If your dog ingests the grill drippings, it can cause serious gastrointestinal problems and even pancreatitis, which can be quite deadly in dogs.It is also absolutely essential to keep the grilling items and tools away from your pet, as it can cause serious harm. If metal or wood skewers are ingested accidentally, it could end up puncturing the gastrointestinal tract of your dog, necessitating surgical intervention to fix it.Other grilling items that need to be kept away from your dog include plastic wraps and aluminum foils, which can cause serious intestinal blockage if ingested. Aluminum foils are especially dangerous as they do not show up on X-Rays.

What if your pet ingests something harmful?

The most harmful pet foods include raw bones, meats, onions and a whole corn cob. If your pet chokes on food, try the Heimlich maneuver (but make sure that the person who does it is properly trained in it) and rush your pet to the vetโ€™s office afterwards.Non-grill items that can be harmful to pets include grapes, avocado, chives, chocolate, raw eggs, garlic, and alcohol. So make sure that you keep these food items away from your dog at all times. When you discard them, make sure that you place them in an air-tight container so that your dog cannot get to it. If your dog gets burned by the grill, rinse the area with cold water and cover it with a light bandage to keep him from licking himself and take him to the emergency vet.

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