Rescued Dog Saves Owner from Deadly Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Photo via German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California Facebook
Photo via German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California Facebook

A little over a year ago, 80-year-old Jack Farrell adopted Max, a German Shepherd who was looking for a home. Little did Jack know that his furry friend would one day save his life.

That day came a few weeks ago, when in the middle of the night Max began acting strangely. As it turns out, the wall heater in their home malfunctioned and was rapidly filling the house with carbon monoxide and natural gas. Max tried to wake his owner to no avail.

German Shepherd to the Rescue!

Desperate, the courageous pup grabbed onto Jackโ€™s arm and dragged him out of the bed and into the kitchen.โ€œOut here in the kitchen, I finally woke up wondering what was going on because he had hold of my arm.โ€ Jack told KPIX 5. ย Confused and bleeding from his arm he called 911.When the authorities arrived, they found deadly levels of carbon monoxide. โ€œWe took a reading of the environment and found 75 parts per million. To put that into perspective, we don our breathing gear at 25 parts per million.โ€ said Deputy Fire Chief Adam Brolan.Thanks to Maxโ€™s canine instincts, both pet and owner were saved from a potentially deadly situation!

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