How should you clean the fur of your Belgian Tervuren?


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Belgian Tervuren is one among the four kinds of the Belgian herder dog. The Terv is long-haired like the Belgian sheepdog but fashions a blackened fawn or red-colored coat unlike the black coat of the sheepdog. The Belgian Tervuren's abundant coat of fur can make grooming efforts quite challenging, but not if you educate and prepare yourself for the exercise beforehand.

How to groom a Belgian Tervuren

The Belgian Tervuren follows two shedding cycles โ€“ Spring and Fall. If you want to bath your Belgian Terv dog, you need first to apply a specialized shampoo to loosen its undercoat. Once this has been done, you can use a shed treatment formula and then use a brush to rake out loose fur. Using these products will help you clean its fur effectively and cut down on your brushing time. Additionally, your dog will experience less skin irritation and hot spots when you make this into a routine. Try to shampoo your Belgian Tervuren between shedding cycles, as its coat can gather dirt and grime in the interval period.

Itโ€™s not necessary to bathe your Terv dog during winter. Simply wet cloth and brush it against your dog's coat. Doing so will keep the Tervโ€™s coat moisturized and clean.

You will need to clean out any dirt accumulated inside your Belgian Tervโ€™s ear on a monthly basis unless your Terv is suffering from any ear problems. If thatโ€™s the case, you may have to clean it more regularly.

You could use eyewash to clean your Tervuren's eyes from allergens. Check your Terv dogโ€™s eyes every time it comes back from a period of sustained play outdoors. Foreign objects may enter your petโ€™s eyes which will need to be cleaned out, so your pet Terv can see clearly.

Belgian Tervurens can suffer from cracked paws. Apply paw balms onto your Belgian Tervuren's paws from time to time; top keep its paws soft and supple.

Your Terv dog can sustain injuries on its explorations outside. Keep antiseptic creams and healing lotions handy to treat your Tervuren's cuts and scratches sustained from hunts and play.

Take your Terv to the vet

While you can do most of your grooming for your Belgian Tervuren dog, there are some things which can only be done by a professional. The Belgian herder breed is extremely susceptible to flea and tick infestation. Take it to a vet and arrange for safeguards against flea and tick bites and infestations. Belgian Tervuren dogs are most happy when running wild and free. Pest infestations could prevent them from enjoying their time outdoors. Prevent such a situation from cropping up by taking your Terv dog for routine vet checkups.

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