How to Make Your Dog Listen to You

How to Make Your Dog Listen to You

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It can be quite frustrating when your dog disregards your commands. This could turn out to dangerous too. To give an example, your dog can ignore your command and run out to a busy street. Accidents may happen under such conditions. A good communication link between you and your dog will keep both of you away from trouble. The dog may also eat something it should not, thus jacking up your veterinary bills. You will also be happy with a well-behaved canine who listens to your every word. There are times when your dog would not intentionally obey your commands. It should be your aim to do something about it.

Shaving away excess energy

The easiest way to manage such a problem is to take away the dog's excess energy. Too much of an active dog could be distracting, stopping you from doing your other activities as you are nearly always chasing after the animal. If your puppy is full of energy, it will do everything to expend that energy. The dog will then completely ignore your commands โ€” the easiest way to tackle this extra energy is to go for a run with your dog. First is exercise, then discipline, then affection. Try to make sure the run or the walk depletes your dog's energy by a significant amount.

Communication Effectiveness

Consistency is the key to communicate effectively with your dog. The canine will get confused if it gets a different response by giving the same behavior. The same can be had if different members of your family enforce different rules. Do a meeting with your family and thrash out the rules, boundaries, and limitations which you all will set for the dog. Write all that you have discussed and set it in a prominent place where everyone can see it frequently. It is important not to forget the rules.

You must be the dog's master at all times. Dogs only listen to the pack leaders, and you should assume that role. You must be assertive and calm too. Your dog notices you keenly and could figure out if you are uncertain and does not have confidence in yourself. Dogs will not listen to people who are not confident of themselves. If you feel your dog does not listen to you, this could be the reason. Ask your friend about whether your body language is confident or not.

If your dog is unaware of the basics, then it will be hard to teach it new actions. Remember that you may have to repeat a procedure thousand times to get your dog do the trick effortlessly. Practice makes an action perfect. You should focus on training your dog and repeat the procedure multiple times.

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