Handling Your Possessive Dog


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Your dog is a possessive canine when it claims a specific object like a toy and protects it. These dogs snap and growl towards both humans and other animals. As a dog owner, you must intervene if your canine is a possessive one. This is treatable. You need a lot of patience as you will assist the dog to relax. It is not a hard task.

Understand possessive behavior

A few examples of possessive behavior may appear benign, like your dog always at your side and not obeying your instructions to go away. Keep in mind that these seemingly small issues may snowball into larger ones. If your dog snaps at your friend when he or she comes to visit you, then you have a substantial problem. To manage a possessive dog, you must first recognize the warning signs. These include refusal to give the ball or toy when asked and hoarding of treats or toys. Possessive dogs usually snap at other dogs while eating. Such dogs are also jealous of other dogs, and they fight often. If you know the causes, you can better understand how to manage a possessive dog.

Prevention and management

You simply may have to give your dog an obedience refresher course. It may have already learned how to "stay" and "sit" when you command it to do so. There are however three other commands which your dog must learn if you want to take its possessive behavior away. The first command in such a scenario is to "leave it!". Such a command orders the dog to ignore the attractive treat and focus attention on you. If you can teach your dog this trick, it will not be tempted by any edible lying on the street. You will be assured that your dog will listen to you. The second command is "drop it!" This command is especially useful for possessive dogs who will take its favored object everywhere. Alternatively, such a command can prevent possessive behavior. The third command is "trade ya" and is related to "drop it." This is especially useful if your dog clings on to the object of its desire. By this command, you provide a much "better" resource compared to the thing it is possessive about. Use the "trade ya" command when the "drop it" command does not work. Follow all these commands with a "sit!" and give your dog a treat for all its efforts. Such training takes time, and a lot of energy but ultimately pays off at the end. It is essential to show your dog who is the boss. Make it wait for its food. Use the "sit" command to make it sit for a few minutes before you give it food. This will reduce possessive behavior.

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