Real Life "The Fox and The Hound" Will Melt Your Heart - A Video

Real Life The Fox and The Hound Will Melt Your Heart - A Video

Who doesnโ€™t like a story about an unlikely friendship? They are practically tailor made to make you smile. Thatโ€™s why there are so many stories of oddly

endearing friendships - Calvin and Hobbes, Pinky and The Brain, Ren and Stimpy, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. There is just something about watching a pair that by all accounts should not get along, and yet somehow they do. It teaches us all to lookย below the surface and into something more meaningful.One of the most popular stories regarding an unlikely friendship is Disneyโ€™s The Fox and The Hound. And while the film may have some great music and a story sure to turn on the waterworks, imagine if that story existed in real life (minus the whole hunting bit at the endโ€ฆ).Well, look no further! Meet Tinni and Sniffer.t72C8FY

While on a hike out in the woods one day, Tinni and her handler, photographer Torgeir Berge, ran across a cautiously curious fox. Not one to shy away from a potential friendship, Tinni walked out to meet the hesitant fox, showing him that there was nothing of which to be afraid.


Being the clever nature photographer that he is, Torgeir stayed a few paces behind to capture the magic from a distance. What happened next is pure joy. See for yourself.

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Want more? Check out this great video of Tinni and Sniffer paling around in the forest.

Now fast friends, the wild fox Sniffer still comes back to visit Tinni on occasion. Torgeir is even working on a book with writer Berit Helberg based on the amazing kinship that sprang forth from that chance meeting in the woods.

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