Paralyzed Puppy Saved by the Internet



Late in May, a stray paralyzed puppy turned up at the Pima Animal Care Center (PACC). This little puppy became paralyzed because of a separation in his spine, likely caused by someone tugging on his tail.

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Aptly named Lieutenant Dan, after Gary Sinise's role in Forrest Gump, this puppy became a crowd favorite at the shelter. Unfortunately, because of the high cost of his medical treatment, the Pima Animal Care Center could not afford to keep the paralyzed puppy and was going to have to put him down.

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That is, until the internet found out.

Saving Lt. Dan

If there is one thing the internet loves, it is adorable, baby animals. Make that an baby animal with a disability and you will soon have the attention of millions. So, while the 4 thousand dollars for Lt. Danโ€™s surgery might have been a bit steep for the Pima Animal Care Center to shoulder alone, with the throngs of people now invested in this paralyzed puppies recovery, Lt. Dan is quickly closing in on his goal.

Now, there is no guarantee that the surgery will be a success, but with a little hope, and the help of people across the globe, Lt. Dan is no longer at risk of being put down, and he may even walk again some day. And even if it is a failure, most paralyzed puppies like Lt. Dan do quite well in a wheelchair.


"They still have two very functional legs so if you can support their rear end they'll just walk wherever they want to go," said Dr. Tara Ehling of the South Arizona Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center.

If you would like to support Lt. Dan and the Pima Animal Care Center by helping to fund his treatment, go to and donate.

Source:GoFundMe - Help a Paralyzed Puppy See a Specialist
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