Put a Stop to Canine Litterbox Snacking

Put a Stop to Canine Litterbox Snacking

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Pet owners hate it when their dogs munch a treat from the litter box of cats. Not only is it highly unsanitary and causes bad breath, but it can lead to the transmission of a number of parasites. Cats also hate it when dogs do that. They will start looking for safer places to eliminate. And it is not just cat waste that appeals to dogs. They also like eating horse and rabbit poop.

How can you put an end to it?
  1. Keep the litter box of your cat as clean as you can. Scoop it up daily and dump it all away. If you leave the waste lying in the box for a long time, it makes it alluring to your dog.
  1. If you cannot scoop the poop immediately, you should think about purchasing an electronic litter box. These automatically sweep all the feces into the bin following the deposit. It might take some time to transition your cat to an electronic box, but the effort is worth it.
  1. Dogs cannot reach the litter box if they are placed at an elevation. Place it on a table or on a countertop to keep it away from nosy dogs.
  1. If you have a large breed dog, you can place the kitty litter box in a closet or a small cabinet that has a door latch just wide enough for your cat to make its way in.
  1. Baby gates are an excellent option to keep dogs at bay. Cats can easily jump over the barrier or squeeze through them. You can also choose to install a pet gate that is just a few inches above the ground level so that your cat can easily go beneath it.
  1. If your cat can accept it, use a covered litter box with an opening that is not big enough for the dog to fit his head through. However, keep in mind that covers tend to keep all the smells contained and feel like a trap to your cat. So use them with caution.
  1. You can also try changing the consistency of your kittyโ€™s stool to make it unappealing to your dog. Add two teaspoons of vegetable oil to your catโ€™s diet. This will make their feces softer. You can also give a tablespoon of canned pumpkin to your cat to change the consistency of her stool. Cats like pumpkin and it shouldnโ€™t be hard to get them to eat it.
  1. If your dog is bored, give him something tastier to munch on, like a toy that releases healthy treats. Peanut butter sticks are great at preventing dogs from sniffing out unsavory alternatives.

 If none of the above solutions work, you will have to resort to using a muzzle over your dogโ€™s mouth to keep him from snacking out of the litter box. Your cat might also prefer this.

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