The Do's and Don't's of Keeping a Dog as an Office Pet


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With more demanding workdays requiring more and more people to have to spend long hours at work and take fewer vacations, their furry friends at home are often alone for long hours in a day. If a pet falls sick, the owner is left facing a dilemma as it becomes a problem to balance their responsibilities at work with what their beloved pet needs for them. More and more companies are recognizing that bringing a pet to work has real benefits and advantages that can improve workplace productivity in the long run.

Dogs are the most popular choice when it comes to the kinds of pets you can bring in to work, and if your office allows it, then lucky you! But before you decide to bring in your pooch to work, you need to make sure that they can actually thrive and operate in that environment.

What are the Do's of bringing in your dog to work?

Dogs are friendly creatures, but not only does every breed carry with them certain specific personality traits, but every dog is also unique to the environment they are living in. Before you bring in your dog to work, consider whether your dog enjoys socializing with strangers or being alone. There are also likely to be other dogs at your workplace, so how well trained your dog is will also matter. What you have to ensure before you bring your dog to work is:

  1. Do ensure that your dog has been vaccinated and that their vaccines are up to date
  2. Do ensure that your dog enjoys interacting with other animals, and would be comfortable in an environment where they are likely to meet other pets
  3. Do ensure that your dog is toilet trained and that they are not likely to leave messes at work on a regular basis
  4. In case your dog does create a mess, do ensure that you clean it up immediately and do not leave someone else to clean your dog's mess
  5. Do ensure that you have some food, snacks, and basic medicine stored away for your dog at work as well
  6. In case your dog takes any regular medicines, do ensure to keep that at work as well
  7. Do ensure that all toxic and poisonous substances, some that people may not be aware is poisonous to dogs, such as chocolates, are kept away from dedicated pet areas at all times
  8. Do ensure that you enjoy your day with your dog, as well as any other dogs that come in to work that day

What are the Don't's of Bringing in your Dog to Work?

There are also some things you need to avoid or be careful of before you bring in your pet to work.

  1. Don't bring in pets without getting an okay from the company first, even if only as a formality
  2. Don't bring your pet to work, and then forget about them for the rest of the day. Remember to visit them regularly if your office has designated dog kennels or pet parks, and to make sure that they feel safe in their environment
  3. Don't bring your dog to those places in the office where pets are not allowed. This could include meeting rooms, cafeterias and other places as decided upon by the company
  4. Don't force anyone to interact with your pet, or your pet to interact with anyone. Some people may also not be fond of pets, and in this case it is best to not force them to engage with your pet
  5. Don't forget to be attentive to your dogs needs, and take them out for a walk if they need to urinate or defecate. You should also take the responsibility of cleaning your dog's mess

It can be a wonderful experience to work in an environment that both welcomes and cares for pets. You will also need to stock up on basic supplies such as food, toys, and other knick-knacks for your furry family member. Stop by our portal for everything you could need to make the most of bringing your dog in to work.

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