Prisons Start Dog Training to Aid Veterans, Autistic Children



Man's best friend has worn many different hats throughout the year, from the most basic couch companions to search-and-rescue heroes. Recently, pooches have been patrolling prison yards to help rehabilitate inmates in California.The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that

canines have been brought to the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility

in Otay Mesa, California, to be trained by participating inmates. Dantie, a 15-month-old Labrador retriever, is one of four dogs who are members of the prison's new Prisoners Overcoming Obstacles and Creating Hope Program, which pairs pooches with inmates.The dogs are trained to be companions and guides for wounded veterans and autistic children in San Diego County. The program launched just two months ago with three canines and three inmates, who are all members of the prison's fire crew.POOCH helps inmates by giving them a productive way to gain responsibilities and skills to take with them when they're eventually released from prison. On weekends, staff members take the dogs home to get them used to socialization and environments that have escalators and coffee shops - things they wouldn't encounter inside the prison.The dogs are broughtย in at a young age to further encourage training and ensure that lessons stick with them during their early lives.

Why it's important toย start dog training early

All dog owners take different approaches to raising their young pups. They might even spend hours poring over books that detail various strategies about topicsย such as potty training. The entire process relies on communication, but pet parents shouldn't try for the hardest tricks right from the start.Cesar's Way recommended that

owners take dog training in small steps

and set aside time every day to work on it. Pooches require constant discipline, which can lead to some serious frustration for owners. The best strategy is to remain calm and assertive, or else pooches will sense the negative energy and their efforts will drop.During the earliest days of owning a dog, everything pet parents do or say around their furry friends should be considered training. From body language to vocal commands, constant reinforcement of discipline will help Fido maintain good behavior. In addition, owners need to find rewards that work the best with their pooches, as not all dogs will be motivated by delicious treats.Sign up for


to get discounts on accessories that help make puppy training easy.

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