My First Pet: Timmy Means Trouble (Or So He'd Have You Think)


The Story of Timmy

Timmy never quite got over the fact that I named him with such a cutesy name. At the shelter, choosing from a litter of black kittens, I wanted to name my new cat with a proper boy's name, but I also wanted a cute kitten name. "Timmy" was my compromise, but he may have preferred "Trouble," or something more befitting the neighborhood macho he became.

Timmy at the front door.
Timmy at the front door.

During my high school years, Timmy would wait by the front door for me to leave for school, and he'd rush out into the world to boss around the other neighborhood cats. When I pulled into the driveway after school, he'd come running from one direction or another, and traipse back inside with me, ready for a snack and some cuddles. He may have preferred to be known as a wildcat with everyone else, but for me he'd purr like a motorboat -- usually while taking up my entire pillow.

Timmy surveying his backyard domain.
Timmy surveying his backyard domain.

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