Prep Your Dog for Training!



We all learn best in the right environment. For our dogs, this means that if we take a moment to gather the right supplies before we begin training them to obey commands or do tricks, we'll see better results.What's more, the right attitude and a few tips can work wonders!

Be Positive:

No one likes a Debbie Downer. Reward your dog for good behaviors and don't scold or hit your dog for the bad. While praise is a surefire way of teaching your dog what you like, scare tactics may only teach your dog to avoid you or do what they want when you're not around.

Gather Your Tools:

Leashes, collars, clickers, and treats will comprise your basic tools for training your dog.

Get Your Dog Used to the Leash:

Make the leash a positive place for your dog to be. Play with your dog in the yard while having them on a leash, and lavish them with cuddles and pets. They'll soon learn that being leashed up can signal fun.

Develop Your Dog's Social Skills:

Dogs who've never interacted with other animals or people outside your family are more likely to react with aggression with presented with these new faces. Get your dog used to meeting people and other pets as early as possible.Read on to learn the

5 steps to dog obedience training

.What have you noticed helps most when training your dog?

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