Prep Your Pup for Babyโ€™s Arrival

Prep Your Pup for Babyโ€™s Arrival

For moms- and dads-to-be, right alongside all of the other mounting to-dos of getting ready for baby, is making sure that your dog is prepared for the new family member. Here are four helpful tips for what you can do before your baby's birth to make sure your pup knows how to behave around your fragile little one.

Give a rules refresher:ย 

Hopefully, your dog is already good at the basics -- sit, stop, down, heel -- and isnโ€™t a jumper. Just in case, spend some time reviewing

obedience skills, and making sure your dog knows how to behave properly.RELATED STORY:ย Dog BehaviorsIntroduce any new rules and routines: Once babyโ€™s around, you might need some new guidelines for your dog. Perhaps it will become extra important for him not to bark at loud noises. Or maybe itโ€™s just a matter of your dog getting accustomed to the idea that your schedule for meals and walks may shift. If there are any changes that you can predict will occur after babyโ€™s arrival, do your best to get your dog adjusted early.RELATED STORY:ย Try An Indoor Training Class With Your DogSet limits around baby items: Will you be allowing the dog in the babyโ€™s room? Can the dog go on or near the babyโ€™s crib? Donโ€™t let it be a surprise for your dog about new areas of your home that might be off-limits, or any furniture that has a strict โ€œno dogs allowedโ€ policy. Start training the dog to avoid furniture and rooms that are off-limits, or set the guidelines for what kind of behavior is allowed around baby items early on so that your dog wonโ€™t be surprised with new rules and scolds when baby arrives.Scale Back Your Time Together: You may be used to your dog as your constant companion, but once your baby arrives, youโ€™ll likely have less time together. Make the transition less shocking for your pup by easing up on the amount of time you spend together gradually.PetPlus members get savings on vet visits, medications, boarding and more. Check it out at
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