Pit Bull Injured from Dog Fighting on Trial for Death Row, Animal Advocates Suing for Release



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New York, NY -

Jake, a 4-year-old

Pit Bull

mix was taken in atย Animal Care and Control, where concerns that he was infected with rabies led to his planned euthanasia. Bite wounds from another animal on Jake's face prompted the fear that he was infected, and indicate Jake may have been used for dog fighting.But before the sentence could be carried out, animal advocate group

Theย Lexus Project

stepped in and demanded that tests be done.ย "It appears that the DOH did not perform the proper investigation or test to prove Jake has rabies,"

Richย Rosenthal

of The Lexus Project said.Jake was found to have a microchip with record of a rabies shot, and record of his former owners.Animal Care and Control

told ABC news

,ย "Animal Care and Control of NYC takes great care to balance public health and safety concerns with animals' well-being and has been providing regular veterinary care to Jake. We will be addressing the petitioner's claims in greater detail at Friday's hearing."Information about his former owners or how he came to ACC has not been shared.

How To Help

You can donate to The Lexus Project specifically for Jake's care on his

Facebook page

.We hope justice will be done and Jake will be allowed to be adopted by a loving family. We'll be following the case here on

The Wet Nose Press


NEW 11/25 - Read the updateNEW 12/30 - Read the update - Jake is free!
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