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Last night, the four-legged of Manhattan gathered with their pet parents for Lyme Aid, a fundraiser and awareness-raising event all about

Lyme disease

and its effect on people and pets. The event was co-hosted by

Nikki Moustaki

, a pet lover who has Lyme disease.


, a proud sponsor of the event, was there to meet the dogs and cats in attendance and to help spread the word about the seriousness of this tick-borne disease with our

Ticktitude Survey Results

.Amidst the event's useful handouts and goodies such as tick testing kits and tick identification charts, some pets strut their stuff.


Bocker the Labradoodle was flaunting a green rhinestone and his signature smile. Bocker is a therapy dog and has appeared in movies in and ads, and has had Lyme disease twice. We're happy to report that he's now symptom-free and living as happily as ever.


This soulful-eyed kitty sported a lime green collar for the event.


Tito the Pomeranian was styled just for the event.


Even rare dog breeds need protection from ticks. Who could resist this Alaskan Klee Kai?

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