Dealing With Basic Toileting Issues in Cats


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Inappropriate toileting is a common behavioral problem in felines. Although it is normal for your felineโ€™s body to get rid of waste products, it is a problem when your feline defecates in inappropriate places. When your feline friend defecates outside the litter box, you need to take the situation seriously. In fact, your feline will only do it when it feels anxious or when it is ill, not when your feline is feeling naughty.

Reasons for basic toileting issues

The reasons behind basic toileting issues in felines are as below:

  • Conflict due to multiple catsIf there are multiple cats in your house, one or many felines will try to prevent others from using the litter box. Even if your felines arenโ€™t physically confronting each other, conflicts can cause enough stress, which will lead to litter box problems.
  • Litter/location aversion or preferenceFelines are extremely sensitive to touch and smell, which helps them move about their environment. However, these sensitivities can influence your felineโ€™s reaction to its litter. If your feline is used to a certain type of litter, it will dislike the feel or smell of different litter.Just like us, felines also develop preferences on places they like to defecate and avoid ones that feel unsafe. If the litter is located in a place your feline dislikes, it will avoid using the litter box.
  • Medical conditionsIf your feline is suffering from medical conditions such as urinary tract infection (UTI), feline interstitial cystitis or kidney stones, it will defecate outside the litter box. Feline interstitial cystitis and kidney stones make your feline urinate more frequently than usual. As a result of this, your feline will defecate outside the litter box during emergencies.
  • Problems with the litter boxAt times, your feline will associate the litter box with negative thoughts such as intense pain or traumatic accidents. As a result of this, your feline will either completely avoid using the litter box or it will immediately without even using the litter box. Even if your felineโ€™s health is normal, it will continue to associate with these negative thoughts.
  • StressStress is one of the most common problems in felines that lead to toileting issues. Even if we think it's not traumatic, things such as adding new family members or animals, moving and change in daily routine can be stressful on your feline.
  • Unable to use litter boxIf your feline is a senior or it has physical limitations, it will find it difficult to use the litter-box; especially when the sides of the litter box are too high or the litter box is top entry only.
Dealing with basic toileting issues

When your feline has basic toileting issues, you can use the following tips to deal with them.

  • Felines love clean litter boxes so make it a point to keep the litter box spic and span.
  • When you are cleaning the litter box, clean with unscented soap or baking soda every week.
  • The majority of the cats like the depth of the litter box to be one to two inches deep.
  • Avoid punishing your feline friend if it defecates outside the litter box. Instead, teach it how to use the litter box.
  • Direct a trail consisting of your felineโ€™s favorite food and toys to the litter box. However, the food shouldnโ€™t be near the litter box.
  • Pick a location that is quiet and safe at the same time.
  • If you have multiple felines at home, ensure there are enough litter boxes.
  • Find out which type of litter suits your felineโ€™s need and buy it accordingly.

By following these simple tips, you will be able to deal with basic toileting issues in cats. If you have any queries, please leave a comment below.

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