PET MIRACLE: Maltipoo Survives 15-Story Fall, No Major Injuries



After plummeting 15 stories down an air vent, the fact that Susie - a 4-year-old Maltese/Poodle mixย (or Maltipoo) - survived is nothing short of a miracle. However, for a dog like Susie, one miracle simply is not enough. The fact that she fell over 100 feet without suffering any broken bones or internal bleeding is positively, by all accounts, unfathomable.

That's right -- Susie is quite possibly the luckiest unlucky dog on Earth.



The incident occurred on Friday, when Elaine Caralis, Susie's owner, took her over to a friendโ€™s 16th floor high-rise apartment in Fort Lauderdale. After wandering off into a closet, Susie fell into an open exhaust shaft, falling down the narrow, dark chute. Eventually getting stuck after falling some 15 stories, first response โ€œcut holes above and below the second floor to try to get (to her),โ€ said Timothy Heiser of the Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue.

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At 68-years old with no kids, ย Susie is -- in many ways -- Caralisโ€™ baby. Throughout the ordeal, Caralis was inconsolable, thinking that her precious baby was dead. Luckily, the fire crew that responded to the call was able to act quickly and remove her dog before any serious damage was done. When they finally got Susie out of the wall, what the EMT's saw was simply unbelievable.



After being freed from the wall, rescuers were shocked to see the condition Susie was in -- or, more accurately, the lack of condition. Her attending veterinarian, who was expecting to see a dog in critical condition, was downright shocked with how minimal Susie's injuries were. In fact, despite some ย bruises, Susie is expected to make a full recovery.

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Both a story about the heroic efforts of the rescuing party, and the unbelievable luck of a dog that, by all accounts, should have been gravely injured, Susieโ€™s tale will go down as one of the most unlikely outcomes to a potentially tragic situation. Source:CNN - 'Miracle' Pooch Survives 15-Story Fall in Florida High-Rise
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