Pet Diabetes Month: Raising Awareness this November

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November is 

Pet Diabetes Month

, and what better time than the beginning of the holiday season to raise awareness about this increasingly common disease?Cats and dogs can get diabetes just like humans can, but the good news is that the disease is often preventable, and largely treatable.


Overweight dogs and cats can be at a higher risk, so keeping your pet at a healthy weight is a great way to increase their chances of avoiding diabetes and many other health problems.As the holidays approach, this may mean finding healthy treats for your pets instead of giving them table food like the leftover holiday turkey. And remember, extra playtime and snuggles can mean just as much to your pet--more, even--than extra treats in honor of the season.


If your pet has been diagnosed with diabetes, taking care of their condition will be a daily concern, but you don't have to go it alone. Learn

all about diabetes

on our site, and get the information you need about symptoms, treatments, and what to expect.

has a 

handy checklist

to take with you to the vet.With the proper treatment, pets with diabetes can usually have the same quality of life as those without it--certainly something to be thankful for!

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