Paralyzed Dog Left for Dead After Hit & Run, Has Amazing Recovery

Paralyzed Dog Left for Dead After Hit & Run, Has Amazing Recovery

Life as a stray dog is fraught with peril. Ignored by society and cast aside like yesterdayโ€™s trash, stray dogs are forced to rely on their ingenuity and tenacity if they are to survive. And even then it is often not enough.Take Lawson for example. Living on the streets of Istanbul, this young pup was well aware of what it took to scrape together a meager life. Rummaging through trash cans and drinking out of filthy puddles are staples of stray dog life, and Lawson was no stranger to dumpster diving for dinner. That is, until that fateful day. While crossing a busy road to scope out a new dumpster, Lawsonย was struck by a speeding car. The car screeched away, leaving the poor, injured strayย to fend for himself. However, the damage done to Lawson by the reckless driver put his survival in jeopardy.

Lawson's Story

The car had demolished his rear legs, paralyzing the poor dog from the waist down. To add insult to injury, Lawson was forced to wait by the side of the road for three days. No pedestrian wanted to help him and his shattered legs prevented him from helping himself. It wasnโ€™t until oneย good Samaritanย took the initiative to call the Heโ€™art of Rescue that Lawson had even a sliver of hope. Once in the care of these loving, amazing people, Lawson was able regain some of his strength and begin the long road to recovery. And while it is unlikely that he will ever walk on all four of his legs again, thanks to his new wheelchair, this brave dog will regain a lot of his previous mobility.

Watch the Transformation!

Lawson was considerably distraught after his accident and ensuing 3 days in roadside purgatory, and it would not be hard to imagine that an experience this scarring would turn him off people forever. However, after a few minutesย of TLC from the great people at Heโ€™art of Rescue, the sparkle in his eyes returned as well as his bright disposition.So after experiencing the worst that humanity has to offer, Lawson proves that the canine spirit is made of sterner stuff. He not only regained his mobility, but also his capacity to love.

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