NYC Car Service Lends a Hand to Feral Cats



Feral cats can be found roaming big cities, small towns, and suburban neighborhoods around the world, having either ran away or been abandoned by their owners. After spending most of their lives outdoors and alone, these felines might be tough to tame without the proper help.One car service in New York City has turned into a haven by helping spay andย neuterย feral cats found in the metropolitan area.

Controlling the pet population

While everyone may love animals, sometimes too manyย can become a serious issue if they're running around unsupervised. That's why many organizations, such as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, advocate spaying and neutering animals to curb overpopulation. Recently, a Brooklyn business owner decided to lend a hand in the mission.The New York Post reported that Big Apple Car in Bath Beach, which employs more than 200 luxury car drivers around the city, has

installed a surgery room on its ground floor for veterinarians

to sterilize kittens for free on Sundays and Mondays. This offers considerable opportunities to cat owners, as the operation canย cost several hundred dollars depending on the facility.Vets at Big Apple Car are paid by nonprofit organization The Toby Project, which fights to prevent the killing of adoptable cats and dogs at animal shelters located around New York City. The building also has a dedicated area in its basement for housing abandoned cats until they can find homes for them. Diana Clemente, president of Big Apple Car, offered the space in 2011 and, to date, has helped spay and neuter more than 9,000 cats.Some people might be a bit intimidated by the appearance of feral cats, as they can act like wild animals at times. However, they still depend on our help to survive outside.

Taking care of feral cats

Although managing the population is a big step toward helping these free-roaming felines, stray and feral cats need a hand in getting by. Thankfully, the ASPCAย provided a

series of suggestions for helping out local furry friends

in your neighborhood.Many of these felines are often hungry, so most people can start by making friends with feral cats through meals. Consider signing up for a


membership and purchasing some

prescription cat food

to ensure that the felines' health is cared for. Make sure you stay out of sight at first to establish trust, then see if the animalย will approach the bowl when you're nearby.Next, place a crate outside near the food and move the dish closer over time so the cat has to walk inside to eat. Once you've gotten the feline in the crate, take a trip to the veterinarian office or local rescue shelter to check for a microchip. The ASPCA recommended a thorough checkup if you're considering keeping the pet to ensure that there are no parasites or diseases present, and have the feline spayed or neutered to prevent any reproduction.

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