Did You Know That Pets Can Actually Improve Your Health

Did You Know That Pets Can Actually Improve Your Health

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Pets are simply amazing. They are just the lift-me-up that you need when you are feeling down in the dumps, and just the motivation that you need when you do not want to get out of bed. Here are some more reasons why you are going to love having a pet.

Stress and heart health

Had a tough day at work? Petting your cat or dog is all you need to cut down the accumulated stress.Every time you pet your cat or dog, your stress levels come down, as the body releases relaxation hormones. Petting is not just

good for your pet

, but for you too! It's no wonder that people with heart problems who have pets are shown to live longer than those without pets. Also, pet owners indirectly end up getting more exercise- whether it is taking your pet for a walk, or running around the house chasing your pet as it runs away with your favorite pair of socks. Either way, the exercise leads to the release of endorphins. These chemicals in turn make you feel happier.

Mental health

There have been many case studies in the past that have shown how pets can improve the mental health of its owners. People with pets have a lower tendency of developing conditions like depression, and are seen to be calmer when put under stressful situations. Pets can be a source of comfort for patients suffering from conditions like Alzheimer's, as many caregivers have admitted. They can also be comforting to the elderly who may otherwise run at a chance of developing depression from loneliness. What's more is that pets have also shown to reduce anxiety. People who face anxiety issues can make a drastic difference by bringing a pet into their lives. They help you stay in the present, and stay happy.


While there are some people who suffer from pet fur allergies, studies have shown that kids raised with pets at home have lowers odds of developing common allergies. Babies that were around two pets or more, had fifty percent lesser chances of developing an allergy due to grass, ragweed, dust and others. They had lesser odds of developing asthma as well.

Fitness and routine

Of course, we have already talked about how you tend to get more


when you have a pet, but they can also bring a sense of routine to your everyday lives. Caring for a pet means that you will have to take care of their exercise and feeding routines. Regardless of what mood you are in, you know that you will have to go on with your routine when you have a pet, whether it is to feed the pet or take it out for a walk. This will keep you much more fit and active, rather than staying put indoors.

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