New Video Fights Drunk Driving With Cuteness

New Video Fights Drunk Driving With Cuteness

As a company that makes its money selling something that impairs the consumer, making sure they use the product responsibly is incredibly important.But how do you get that point across without detracting from your marketability?How about a video with an adorable dog? That's what Budweiser did in this new advertisement.

If that doesn't give you little goose pimples, nothing will.Rather than going down the traditional, gruesome route, Budweiser decides to try something new. By plying the unique human/dog relationship to highlight how driving under the influence can impact more than just your own life, Budweiser manages to leave a far more staying message than the typical "don't drive drunk or you'll die" ad campaign. It is not just about us anymore.Good job, Anheuser-Busch. This Bud's on me.

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