New dog park seeks to separate large and small dog breeds



The Daily Herald reported that a new

dog park

in Schaumburg, Illinois, could quickly run out of space for your furry friend. More than two years in the making, the K-9 Dog Park is poised to open this fall but owners in the area need to act soon to secure a spot.According to city officials, only dog owners who have gone through the proper registration process will be allowed to use the park, and there's currently a 500-person limit to the list. The sign-up period opens on Sept. 4, 2014, for Schaumburg residents and Oct. 1, 2014, for nonresidents. However, the latter group's access will be determined by the number of spots still available.Applicants must provide proof of up-to-date vaccines for several diseases, including rabies, and those who successfully register will receive a key ring tag that grants electronic access to the park. Each ownerย can register a maximum of four dogs.The leash-free, 6.5-acre area will feature a large pond with a ramp that's specifically designed to help canines get in and out of the water. When dogs are getting on in years, these kinds of amenities can help make their lives easier.ย Other components include a relaxing gazebo by the water, numerous benches and water fountains for beating the heat.However, the park will also enact some size restrictions by designating different areas for small and big dogs. Officials didn't provide a reason behind the division, but it might be for safety concerns. Far too many misconceptions exist about larger canines due to their somewhat intimidating stature. Big pups can be the perfect choice for some, and here are some examples of

large breed

dogs to love.

Bernese mountain dogs

Good natured, self-assured and docile, these burly canines'ย sheer size can only be matched by theirย loving hearts, American Kennel Club explained. Since they're outdoor dogs, they require a lot of space to roam about in a backyard or dog park multiple times a week. But don't let their stature fool you - these four-legged friends are very fast during their younger years.

Bernese mountain dogs

also get along well humans, dogs and other household pets due to their affection, loyalty and intelligence levels.

Great Danes

Family Circle recommended theseย larger-than-life canines for families that have rambunctious kids. Despite their size, Great Danes can consider themselves as lap dogs and try to lay down on you like a Shih Tzu. This breed is known for being loving and protective of its owners and their children. For many people, one of the biggest advantages of Great Danes is the minimal grooming required to keep them clean. Short coats of fur make brushing and bathing these dogs an easy task.


One look at this breed might be enough to turn away would-be robbers, but Mastiffs are actually warm-hearted and gentle dogs, SheKnows explained. Their size exhibits power due to barrel-chests and long, muscular legs. While they may not be as tall as Great Danes, they're probably twice as thick. Although Mastiffs make excellent guard dogs because of their beast-like appearance, they're an affectionate breed that's extremely loyal to theirย owners.These three big breeds might look intimidating at first glance, but there's more than meets the eye with these dogs. Many larger canines are harmless and docile toward other furry friends and don't need to be removed from smaller pooches. However, while the Schaumburg dog park's officials didn't give a specific reason, the segregation could be in place to protect small children from overly excited dogs. Whatever the case may be, a park catered to canines is perfect for exercise and socialization among the various breeds.

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