National Pet Cancer Awareness Month: A Tribute to Our Canine Pals Fighting Cancer


Cancer is a word that comes with its fair share of fear and uncertainty; but with fear of the unknown comes hope that a positive outcome is possible.When life takes an unfortunate turnโ€”you lose your job, you fail an important test, or, your pet is diagnosed with cancerโ€”itโ€™s hope that keeps us going.As part of our campaign to promote

National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

, PetCareRx and


would like to honor some of our canine friends who are battling cancer today, along with the brave owners whose hope is bringing them the strength to continue fighting.

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Yukon is a 7 year old

Alaskan Malamute

diagnosed over 17 months ago with a rare soft tissue cancer called myxoid liposarcoma.Itโ€™s been a rocky battle for Yukon and his pet parent, Pam. After his first tumor was removed in June 2012, Yukon underwent a series of experimental treatments and surgeries, before his oncologist recommend he take oral metronomic therapy,


.A year later and Yukon is doing fantastically well! He is active and feeling goodโ€”and most importantlyโ€”no new tumors!


Frieda Williams

Frieda was 10 when she was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in January of 2011. She's a


who has had a busy life earning numerous titles in obedience and herding competitions, and had only just begun sheep herding lessons when she was diagnosed during a routine wellness visit.Friedaโ€™s road to recovery has had some twists and turns, but after several rounds of chemo, and life saving surgery, this old dog is still going strong.Mom Jane, says, โ€œI realize Frieda has exceeded her life expectancy as a large dog; however, I haven't found an expiration date stamped on any of her paws. Maybe we're the exception to the rule for adenocarcinoma. We would like to be able to continue our fight.โ€



Inca is a black

German Shepherd

rescued from a high-kill shelter just 30 minutes before she was scheduled to be put down. Just a year after she settled into her forever home, Incaโ€™s mom Peggy felt a lump on her pelvic bone.A trip to the vet confirmed that Inca had adenocarcinoma. A year after surgery and radiation treatment to remove the tumor, Peggy was heartbroken to discover that the cancer had returned to the original site.Peggy has opted to treat Inca holistically, and she is responding quite well. Although she has been through the mill medically, Inca is a happy, active dog whoโ€™s will to live seems as strong as ever.



Daphne has been with her dog mom Amanda throughout the trials and tribulations of her 20โ€™s. The sassy

French Bulldog

has been a loving sidekick through breakups, job changes and big moves. Needless to say, the pair is inseparable, making Daphneโ€™s cancer diagnosis in November 2012 a devastating blow.Amanda took Daphne to the vet after noticing a relentless cough. An exam and some x-rays concluded that Daphne had a slight case of pneumonia. When the cough persistent after treatment, Amanda and Daphne were referred to a specialist for an ultrasound; what they discovered next would change their lives forever.Daphne had primary lung tumors, an uncommon diagnosis which account for less than 1% of all tumors. Amanda spent a small fortune between the ultrasounds, CT scan, eventual surgery, and chemotherapy, and the dedicated dog mom was forced to sell her truck and horse trailer to cover the expense.Daphne switched to Palladia about 3 months ago, and results have been positive. Although the cancer is still there, itโ€™s slowing.


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