My Pet Has Cancer -- What Do I Do Now?


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It happened -- the devastating diagnosis: โ€œYour pet has cancer.โ€

Receiving this news is sure to take the wind out of you, but donโ€™t let yourself get beaten down. While there isn't a guaranteed cure, plenty of pets are beating the odds and telling their cancer to shove off. Like with many kinds of treatment, attitude is a crucial component, so always be strong for your dog or cat, and try some of these strategies for coping with cancer in pets.

Make Your Pet Comfortable

One of the most important things you can do for your sick pal is make sure they have everything they need, and that they are suitably distracted from the pains of their condition. If you know they have a favorite place to sleep, add a little extra โ€œoomphโ€ to their spot with a fluffy pillow or blankets.

Do what you can to keep them in a comfortable temperature range. If it's chilly outside, put a space heater near their sleepy-time spot. Or if it's hot out, put a fan nearby.

Most importantly, give them all the love you have to give, being extra generous with petting and cuddles. Scratch them in their favorite spot, whether it be under the chin, on their tummy, or behind their ears, and donโ€™t stop scratching until they are all petted out. You probably don't need much persuasion to make sure they are well looked after in this most trying of times.

Make Mealtimes Epic

One thing that seems to carry over across different types of cancer is the loss of appetite, which is something you'll want to help your pet overcome. Oftentimes, mild substitutions can make all the difference. Switching out the kibble now and then for something more appetizing, like boiled chicken and rice, or drizzling their food with unsalted chicken broth, can make the eating experience more appealing to a pet battling cancer. Just make sure you consult with your vet regarding any dietary changes.

Get The Medicine Your Pet Needs

Cancer medications are probably an expense you weren't planning for. And, while some pet parents choose not to put their pet through radiation, immuno-, or chemotherapy, every pet parent dealing with cancer can help make their pet as comfortable as possible. This often includes putting them on some type of pain relieving medication.

Before you lose heart over the price of said medications, take a look at these ways to save money on your petโ€™s cancer treatment:

How You Can Help Pets with Cancer

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