5 Tips To Make Your Dog's Training Sessions More Engaging

5 Tips To Make Your Dog's Training Sessions More Engaging

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Training oneโ€™s dog should be the primary goal of every owner. Because, first, no one likes a dog that misbehaves and second, you wonโ€™t have to run behind your dog wondering if heโ€™s up to any mischief or not. Training should start from an early age and should continue well until adulthood. However, owners often make training sessions boring due to which, dogs donโ€™t enjoy learning new things the way they should. There are ways to make the training more engaging and here are 5 ways to do it.

#1 Treats, treats and more treats!

Using treats is the most common way to train a dog and every owner uses this strategy to successfully train their dog. You can improvise the technique by giving more treats for activities that are more important than the rest for ex., potty training, eating habits and behaving around other people.

#2 Use games

Donโ€™t make your dog feel like heโ€™s in military training or something although even thatโ€™s a good training method. Make the atmosphere more casual and make your dog feel that trainings are fun. Use different games to train your dog. Heโ€™ll get some physical exercise and some training as well.

#3 Donโ€™t do it for too long

Long training sessions can be tiring for both you and your dog. And besides, who wants to spend the entire day on the training. Everyday keep a separate time for about 15-20 mins and no matter what make sure that the training time stays the same every day.

#4 Encourage them

Itโ€™s useless to expect your dog to do everything perfectly on the first day of training. It will take time and you need to be patient. But whatโ€™s more important is that you encourage him even if he performs badly. Just like a human child, discouraging them will not only lead to negative results but it will also effect their psyche.

#5 Train with other dogs

It is not always possible to get another dog during the training session but if you do manage to get one then donโ€™t hesitate to do so. Especially, if itโ€™s an adult dog with good training skills. Often, only a dog can teach other dogs what owners canโ€™t.


Training should be a fun-filled activity and your dog should not feel bored during training sessions. Follow the five tips to make training sessions for your dog more engaging.

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