Meet Naki'o the Bionic Dog; 4 Prosthetic Legs and 1 Winning Personality

Meet Naki'o the Bionic Dog; 4 Prosthetic Legs and 1 Winning Personality

Meet Nakiโ€™o

Nakiโ€™o is aย mixed breed dogย from Colorado Springs, CO. that loves to run, jump, and play fetch.

He is also the first dog to have a prosthetic on all four of his legs.

Found frozen in a puddle, Nakiโ€™o suffered from severeย frostbite, causing him to lose parts on his legs, tail, nose, and ear. On top of the frostbite, Nakiโ€™o was also suffering from mange. ย And while he somehow managed to survive this tremendous ordeal, the cold did take his motherโ€™s life.

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After he was rescued, Nakiโ€™o was adopted by a veterinarian assistant, Christie Pace, who promised to provide this special dog with all the care he could need.

For the first few weeks, Nakiโ€™o was able to walk around on his stumps, but as he grew up, his damaged legs were no longer sufficient for holding up his weight. At this point, it was time to consider prosthetic limbs. And while prosthetic limbs can be incredibly expensive, the good people at OrthoPets, moved by Naki'o's story, simply gave him all the equipment he could need, free of charge.

Nakiโ€™o took to his new legs with remarkable determination, astonishing Christie and OrthoPets. He was quickly able to do anything any other dog could do, restoring to him much of what was taken away as a puppy.

And it doesnโ€™t end there. Acting as a source of inspirations to pet parents all over, Nakiโ€™o sparked the idea for a rescue group dedicated to finding homes for dogs with disabilities, and is now the mascot and spokesdog. Beyond that, Nakiโ€™o has been traveling all over, showing people exactly what dogs with disabilities are capable of -- a lot.

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