Corgis on the Brink -- How This Adorable Dog Might Become Extinct



Shocking news from across the pond earlier this week -- with a meager 241 Pembroke Welsh Corgis registered in the UK this year, these cute little pooches have officially landed themselves on The Kennel Club's watch list for becoming endangered, set to become classified as a โ€œvulnerable native breedโ€ by the start of the new year.

How could this happen?

One would think that in todayโ€™s preservationist society, any domesticated animal would only ever have an increase in population -- so why are Corgi numbers slipping?

Two main factors have led to this breed's recent decline:

1) UK Ban on Tail Docking

What many perceive as a resounding win for animal rights also had an unforeseen backlash -- changing the long revered appearance of the Corgi, who are not naturally tailless, but are almost exclusively sold that way. When this ban came into effect, the appearance of the Corgi was changed forever. As such, the Corgi โ€œau-naturalโ€ became less popular with breeders, seeing this new look as unfavorable to the standard, docked look.

2) Too Big to Be small, Too Small to Be Big

An unusual-looking dog to be sure, the Corgi looks in many ways like a medium sized dog on tiny dog legs. While many people find this look endearing (e.g., Queen Elizabeth II), many are opting for a small dog that fits more of the small dog criteria some people look for (e.g., fitting into purses). The most popular small dogs are becomingย the Pug and French Bulldog, leaving the Corgi out in the cold.

For all you Corgi-philes out there, donโ€™t lose hope just yet -- while the breed's numbers are on the decline, no one's throwing in the towel yet. Are Corgis one of your favorite breeds?

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