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Yes, you do need a little training to properly walk your dog. Watch other ,more experienced, owners do the dog walk. They may have only one dog, or have a dog pack (like nine dogs) and you see them more often than not, walking them without a leash, in areas that are deemed safe. This may seem amazing, but the truth is that these dogs often see the human as a pack leader. This is the reason the dogs follow their master (or mistress) wherever he (or she) goes. 

Always walk in front of the dog

When you walk with your dog following behind, you will be regarded as pack leader. In case your dog walks in front of you while you walk, it means that your dog is the pack leader. Remember that you must be the first one to be out of the house and the first one to get inside it. Your dog must be behind or even beside you- but never in front- when you take it out for a walk. 

Use a shorter dog leash

You will have more control if you do this. When you attach any leash to the top of the dog's neck, you can communicate easily. It will be possible for you to correct and guide the dog as well. Remember that you must keep your

dog healthy

while doing such activities. 

There should be plenty of time for you to walk your dog

Dogs are similar to humans as we are both diurnal. It is thus an excellent idea to take walks during mornings. You should keep aside a minimum of 30 minutes. The better option is to spend at least an hour on the dog. Do understand each dog has a specific character and you should do likewise. Consult the vet to observe the behavior of the dog to understand if its needs are being met. 

Rewarding your dog during walks

You should reward your properly behaved dog by permitting itself to relieve itself. It can also sniff around. You should decide when it is opportune to end the reward time. It always should be less than time spent on the walk itself. 

You should lead, even after the walk is over

Do not stop leading even after you reach home. Your dog should wait patiently when you take off shoes or put away its leash. You should always be in a commanding position. 

Reward the dog post walking

When you provide your dog its meal after it walked, you have effectively provided its food after it has โ€œworkedโ€ for it. This food must be healthy and must have the

necessary supplements

. Do remember to pick up after your dog.

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