Making Your Dog Howl

Making Your Dog Howl

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There are times when you have howled, hoping that your dog will do likewise. To your surprise, your dog declined to do so. For dogs, howling is a kind of communication, and animals use different howls to communicate information. Most dog howls for pack communication. The sound helps the animals to come back together and assist those dogs who have failed to find their way home. This is the reason your dog howls when you leave home to go to work. Your dog regards you as a pack animal.

Territorial and distressed

Dogs use howls to protect territory. They warn others not to come closer or warn other dogs in the pack of an impending enemy. This is why your dog barks or howls when it sees strangers about to enter or near the house. Some sirens also make a dog howl. The instinct of the dog kicks in, and it howls. Dogs also howl to bond with other canines. Group howling is a popular thing going on when dogs are in a pack. This is similar to humans singing together.

Dogs also howl when they are in distressed. Canines are observed to howl when they are injured or sick. They express their pain through howling or cry for help. Hunting dogs howl to alert one another and their human companions when they have found out the hiding location of their prey. A dog may also howl if it is bored. Your dog howls to get your attention. Each dog has a distinctive howl. The sound gets carried over long distances so that in ancient times, the howling of a dog would reunite it with its pack.

Making the dog howl with you

You can make your dog howl. To do this sing or howl yourself in a high pitched tone while looking at your dog. Praise the animal and give it treats when it mimics you. When your dog catches on, make it a command like "howl." You can use a harmonica or any other medical instrument to experiment with many different pitches to make the canine howl. The chances are that your dog will do a howl when it hears a siren. Give the animal a command when such an event happens. Give your dog a treat to reinforce its behavior. To figure out which sound makes your dog howl, play different kinds of music. You will find one piece of music or song leads to howling. Alternatively, download an app which plays siren songs on your phone. The dog will surely respond to such behavior. If your dog does not howl in front of you, the chances are that it will howl when you leave the house. Keep a hidden camera and a microphone on to record the howl.

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