Make Your Dog a Foppish Dandy at the Park

Make Your Dog a Foppish Dandy at the Park

A dog park is a great wayย to get you and your canine some much-needed bonding time in the great outdoors. A new location in Grand Blanc, Michigan, promises to let pooches run free in its new off-leash park.MLive reported that the

dedication ceremony for Grand Blanc Dog Park

was a great success, as dozens of owners came by to commemorate the new area. Open every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., or dawn to dusk, the park is free while the Friends of the Grand Blanc Dog Park waitย for the Township Board of Trustees to vote on the possibility of annual membership fees.Vanessa Ferguson and her husband, Kris Johns, are members of the Friends of the Grand Blanc Dog Park and have lobbied for an off-leash park for their pooch, Betsy, to run around in."We've had the vision and knew in our mind what we wanted it to be like, but to finally see it in reality is a great joy," said Ferguson, quoted by the source. "It's fun to finally see her out there with other dogs."The Grand Blanc Parks and Recreation department recommended an annual price of $25, but the board has yet to decide on potential pricing. The Friends of the Grand Blanc Dog Park plan to hold more fundraisers for future improvements and additions. Currently, the park has numerous rules that owners and their canines must follow or face penalties, including keeping up to date on registrations and vaccinations.

Following proper dog park etiquette

Bringing your canine to a social setting can be a fun time for Fido and owners alike, but it's important to follow some basic behavior guidelines. The Association of Professional Dog Trainers explained that, first and foremost,

pet parents need to be aware of their canine'sย temperament

. Don't assume he's having a good time and let your guard down fully.The APDT suggested that if your dog is under 4 months old, it's better to wait until he's older to bring him to the park. He might be too young to handle socializing with other canines. It's also important that owners don't bring or use toys or treats when other pooches are nearby. This can create a frenzy among the dogs.When improving your

dog park etiquette

, owners should turn to supplies from


to help them provide their canines with the proper training.

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