Lost Dog Whose Owners "Weren't Looking For Her" Finds Forever Home

Lost Dog Whose Owners Weren't Looking For Her Finds Forever Home

If you found a dog wandering alone on the street, what would you do? Chances are you would approach them cautiously, and once you were certain that they werenโ€™t a danger, you would look for any sort of identification so as to contact their family. But letโ€™s say when you call the number on their ID tag, the person on the other end of the line said โ€œwe werenโ€™t looking for her.โ€ What would you do then? Sounds crazy?Well that is exactly what happened when Imgur user FeetLookWeirdAsHell found Freyja, a Siberian Husky, unattended and roaming through his neighborhood.
Photo courtesy of FeetLookWeirdAsHell on ImgurHe called the number on her tags but the people who he reached could not have been more apathetic to Freyjaโ€™s plight. Instead of jumping for joy as one might assume they would, having just been told that their lost dog was located and unharmed, the family callously said that in no uncertain terms that they were not interested in reclaiming their lost dog.After the shock of this bizarre encounter had worn off, FeetLookWeirdAsHell took Freyja straight to the vet just to make sure that she was, in fact, healthy. As it turns out, Freyja had a pretty bad case of heartworms, which one could posit is the reason her previous family abandoned her. However, according to FeetLookWeirdAsHell, her condition was โ€œfixable, a little pricey, but whatever, sheโ€™s a good pup and worth it.โ€After she was treated for her heartworms, her rescuer decided that fate had placed them together and decided to keep the cuddly pooch for himself.
Photo courtesy of FeetLookWeirdAsHell on Imgur
So while Freyja may have wound up where she is under some pretty horrible circumstances, fate found her an even better home than where she started out. And as for a last note to the people that abandoned Freyja, her new dad summed it up pretty well: โ€œto the asshats that โ€˜werenโ€™t looking,โ€™ thanks for the house broken and fully trained Husky.โ€So glad you finally got the home you deserve, Freyja!For more stories like this, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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