Looking for an office pet? Get yourself an office feline


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Having pets at the workplace has been shown to offer several benefits for employers and employees. Pets inspire positivity, laughter, and love, which reduces workplace stress, leading to improved employee productivity and innovation. Pets have also been known to reduce workplace absenteeism and promote better employee-employer relationships.

Given these benefits, more and more companies are increasingly permitting office pets. If your office allows pets and you are wondering about the best office pet, why not choose a cat?

Here are some reasons why your feline friend can be the best office buddy:

Cats do not Need a Special Habitat

Maintaining cats is not expensive. They do not need a particular habitat, unlike birds or hamsters. They do not need a cage or a special home to reside when in the office. They like to roam around freely. They are usually quite happy to be left alone though some cats could be fussy. Consider getting a bed and scratch post for the cat. Cats love a bed and a post, and they keep to themselves when provided with such amenities.

A Felineโ€™s Diet Needs are Simple

A variety of affordable cat foods is available in the market. Tinned food and pouches are great for cats. But, consider sticking to dry foods as they are less messy in an office. Also, unlike liquid foods, dry foods do not leave a scent, preventing awkward situations in an office setting.

Cats Live Longer

Yes, lifespan is a factor you should consider when choosing an office pet. Pets have a way of entwining themselves with our lives. This bond can leave a void when they leave us, and the emptiness can be intense if they leave us sooner.

Cats live quite long with some living as long as 12 or 13 years. This means you'll be able to enjoy each other's companionship for a long time.

Cats are Great to be Around

Cats are fun to be around. Their antics provide a great diversion from workplace stress. They give a good reason to share and laugh with your teammates, which builds excellent rapport within the team and builds its morale.

Cats can also serve as a good ice-breaker. Imagine a new member, who is also a cat or pet lover, joining your team. Having a cat around gives him or her an opportunity to get to know you, which makes the ambiance warmer and friendlier for the newcomer.

Cats, as lovely as they look, cannot be ignored. Imagine anyone walking by your desk and stopping by to pet your cat. Such gestures promote goodwill and good communication among employees, leading to a better workplace.

You could strike a great rapport and perhaps even winning deals with clients, with a cat around.

Cats spread joy, warmth, and laughter, and can be a great asset to a workplace. With no special maintenance needs, cats are a perfect option for office pets. You will not have a hard time convincing your higher authorities about bringing a cat with you.

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