Learn Interesting Things about Canaan Dogs


The Canaan dogs thrived in the Israeli desert region for several thousand years. This is actually a breed of dogs used by the Hebrews for herding and guarding their flocks. This is also considered as a companion breed of dogs in North America and Europe, often seen competing in sports that require agility, obedience and confirmation.

Typical Traits of Canaan Dogs

This is essentially a light-footed dog that will be happy to undertake any amount of exercise as it is offered. But the older Canaan dogs are quite calm and obediently curl up on the couch after the dayโ€™s fun or work comes to an end.The Canaan dog is known to independent and does not demand constant petting from the owner. Also, this breed of dogs is extremely intelligent and excellent at solving problems. In fact, it is frequent mental stimulation that keeps these dogs going (tracking, agility, herding, obedience, games etc.) This helps prevent boredom that could otherwise cause destructiveness.Belonging to a primitive breed, Canaan dogs have retained their natural qualities for several generations without any human interference. The behaviors and temperaments within the breed can vary greatly

Behavior of Canaan Dogs

You can easily observe the inherent distrust and wariness of complete strangers in Canaan dogs. They have strong territorial instincts and excellent canny intuition making them highly vigilant watchdogs. The Canaan breed of dogs will be 100% aware about their surrounding environment and like to constantly observe and listen. You will find that your Canaan dog sounds an alarm at the slightest perceived threat.These dogs also have excellent hearing skills and a great sense of smell. Owners will find that their Canaan dogs will quickly become aware of approaching strangers, even from a far distance. They are extremely reactive and highly alert dogs and think and take decisions all by themselves.Canaan dogs are smart and very quick at learning anything new. They can easily adapt to new situations and solve problems.But when Canaan dogs feel bored, they have the ability to cause destruction. This is because they are accustomed to living in a pack and demand a certain level of safety and security in the home environment as well. These dogs are ready to do everything for a good pack leader. It is vital for the Canaan parent to take up the leadership role instead of the Canaan dog.

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