Your Toolkit for Managing Dog or Cat Diabetes

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Diabetes Awareness Month

, we're sharing ways to more easily manage life after a diagnosis of diabetes in your dog or cat.Hearing your pet has diabetes is never fun, but pets with diabetes can live a full, happy life without too much difficulty. Some cats may even go into remission, and no longer need insulin injections.Here's what you'll need to know:

A Regular Schedule

The most important change you'll need to make is allowing for regularly scheduled feeding and medication times. You should give your pet their food and their insulin shots twice daily, at the same times each day. This regular schedule will be very important to maintain their glucose levels.

Living With Diabetic DogsManaging Treatment for Diabetic Cats


You'll have to give your pet insulin twice a day. This may feel daunting, especially if you don't have experience giving shots. Your vet can help you master the trick, as can these tips:

How to Give a Shot of Insulin for Dogs: 3 Steps3 Steps to Administering Insulin for Cats

Prescription Food

Most pets with diabetes will have to lose some weight, and then stay carefully within a healthy weight range. Depending on your pet's situation, this probably means a lean diet with high fiber. Not all pets will require a prescription food, though, which can be expensive. Find out what to expect and learn general feeding guidelines for pets with diabetes.

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