Keeping Unwanted Cats Away


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If you face the problem of stray cats entering your home, then you need to adopt a few simple steps to keep those animals away. You can choose from a number of solutions, like scent barriers, water deterrents,ย  and even electronic barriers. Many cats run in when you enter the house. It thus makes sense to have a quick look around before you open your house main door. You can also make a place a little away from your house that is attractive to cats. The felines will then visit that place and leave your home alone.

Electronic pet door and ultrasonic devices

The commonest and the most obvious way to stop cats from entering your home is to install an electronic pet door. Such a door involves your cat having a specific electric signal which opens the door for it but stays shut for other cats. This signal could transmit from your pet's collar tag. A few companies make the microchip embedded into your cat a component of the device.

Ultrasonic devices also make excellent solutions. Such methods utilize ultrasonic sounds to push felines away from a few areas. Although this device was made to keep strays away from yards, you can also use the equipment to banish cats away from your apartment and not let those animals to even come near the front door. Ultrasound devices get triggered by motion sensors and springs into operation when any person or any catwalks past by. Cats hate the ultrasonic sounds made by the machine. As a human, you will not hear it, but felines can.

Using water and smells

The cheapest way to eject stray cats is to use water. Spray water on it using your hose. A majority of cats hate water and will flee after the first drops fall on its body. Remember the cat may not get the idea that it is unwanted the first time around, but it will soon get the idea and hopefully not bother you anymore. If you do not have a garden hose, use a spray bottle in its place. You can use smells to make the cat go away. Do you understand that this method has limitations? You have to spray your house with the anti-cat smell solution every day. Even if you do not spray every day. You may have to do it at least once a week. Citrus is one smell which every cat hates. Spray lemon juice all over your main door or try to scatter citrus peels close to your house doorway. Yet another option is to utilize a few drops of citrus essential oil. Dissolve it in water and spray. Other essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, or citronella also do the trick.

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