Is your dog throwing up bile? These could be the possible reasons

Is your dog throwing up bile? These could be the possible reasons

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Dogs vomit frequently and it is not a welcome incident. Majority of dogs love to eat and if you do not keep an eye on it, your four-legged friend could end up eating something nasty. This will come up as vomit after some period of time. An occasional vomit is perfectly okay, but not all the time when seen from a health perspective.

Bilious vomiting syndrome

Bile, however, should not be present. The yellow-green colored substance can be extremely unpleasant not only to see but also to clean up. If your dog's vomit has bile in them, then take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Dogs throw up their bile for a number of reasons. The Bilious Vomiting Syndrome is the most common one among them.Bile is generated in the liver and gets stored in a liquid form inside the gallbladder. After ingestion of food, the bile gets into the small intestine. It assists to break down the food so that the body could digest it. The body then utilizes the product to meet its nutritional needs. Bilious vomiting syndrome happens when the bile gets leaked into the stomach from the small intestine. The event generally occurs if the dog has not eaten for an extended period of time. It could also happen if the dog ate a larger quantity of fatty foods or huge quantities of grass. This could happen if it drank water in large volumes.

Smaller meals

This is the reason you should consider giving more frequent and smaller meals to your dogs. This is a must if the bilious vomiting happens after it wakes up or after it passes a long time without food consumption. The bilious vomiting could be a sign of multiple conditions which affect the digestive system, including ulcers, inflammatory disease, and parasite infections. Certain cancers could also be the cause. A veterinarian may diagnose the underlying condition and treat it so that the vomiting is eliminated.This is important as the bile is acidic and could damage the esophagus. Ulcerations could happen as a result if it remains untreated. Retrievers and bulldog breeds have sensitive stomachs more susceptible to such problems.Another cause of bile is pancreatitis. This is an endocrine disease and happens after any dog eats super oily or super fatty foods. The result is pancreas inflammation and then bilious vomiting. This is accompanied by diarrhea and intense stomach pain. The occurrence of pancreatitis comes three days to five days post consumption of fatty foods. This may happen 24 hours later as well. The bilious vomiting as a result of pancreatitis may begin anytime between 24 hours and 48 hours post fatty food consumption.

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