Is Your Dog Depressed? Here Are a Few Ways to Cheer Them Up


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Does your dog seem sad and withdrawn all the time? Is your dog not playing as much as it used to? Are you worried that your dog is depressed? Are you wondering what you can do to cheer your dog up and make it happy again? If you are unhappy or upset, your dog may respond to your mood in a similar manner.

Signs of depression in your dog

These are some common signs of sadness and depression in dogs. Your dog might display some or all of these symptoms, or may show other specific symptoms as well.

  • Lethargy
  • Excessive sleeping or sleeplessness
  • Not eating or eating very less
  • No interest in playing or walks
  • Whining or howling frequently
  • Excessive aggression or fear
How to cheer up a depressed dog

If you notice that your dog is depressed, these are a few things you can do to cheer up your dog and make it happy again:

  • Spend a lot of time with your dog. Your dog may be feeling lonely. Spending more time with your dog can help alleviate sadness and depression. Your dog may simply be missing your company and will cheer up as soon as you are around.
  • Play with and talk to your dog. Dogs are social animals. Your dog might be sad because it does not get to play with you or because you do not talk to your dog much.
  • Travel with your dog. Take your dog on a short trip or just a drive to a new place. Even a long walk, if possible, can help.
  • Get your dogโ€™s favorite treats and keep them handy. Whenever your dog starts playing and running around, you can reinforce the behavior with treats. It will make your dog happy.Check for nutritional deficiencies or other health issues. Get your dog checked for deficiencies or other issues that might be causing lethargy and listlessness.Get a companion if your pet is lonely or has just lost a dog friend. Do this only if you can afford and take care of another pet. If it is not a viable or feasible option, look for alternatives such as going to dog parks and having a doggie meet at your place.

Tips to avoid depression in dogsDo not leave them alone for long periods of time.Talk to them and praise them.Do not hit dogs or shout at them.Take them for walks and play with them.Give them nutritionally balanced food.Dogs are loving, sensitive, perceptive animals, and they need to be treated well for them to be happy. Your dog needs to feel loved and have a sense of companionship with you and with other pets, if you have any.

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