Is your Cat Stressed Out? Here’s What You Should Be Doing

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Cats are curious creatures. They are inquisitive and self-sufficient. They might even seem a little closed off at times. But that doesn’t mean that they need less attention than dogs do. Although they can pretty much take care of themselves, they also require love and companionship to be happy. Sometimes cats get stressed out and at times even bored. There might be things that you’re doing that contributes to this.

Here are a few signs that indicate that your cat is stressed:
  1. If she urinates outside her litterboxEven though your first thought is to reprimand her for this unseemly behavior, don’t! She’s trying to communicate with you in one of the ways she knows how. Even the littlest things can set a cat off. Cats don’t like change. If you’ve rearranged the furniture or forgot to clean her litter box, that might have unsettled her. Cats are also not very fond of loud noises.
  2. She’s not eating right.IF your cat isn’t eating at all or if she’s decreased her food intake, make sure you consult a vet as soon as possible. Unlike humans, cats don’t believe in fasts and diets so if she stops having meals abruptly, it’s usually a sign of an underlying medical condition.
  3. She’s isolating herself.This one’s a little hard to catch since cats are already pretty private creatures. If she’s isolating herself more than she’s interacting with other living things, it might be a sign that she’s stressed or feeling pain.
  4. She’s grooming herself in excess.Cats can take care of themselves as far as grooming is concerned. However, there is a difference between licking themselves raw and fastidious grooming. The former is a cry for help and a sign of distress. Take her to the vet immediately.
  5. She’s being aggressive towards others.If she’s acting out and being aggressive towards her fellow housemates or towards her owners, it might be a sign that something is stressing her out.
What can you do to help your stressed cat?
  • Play with her on a regular basis. No matter how busy you are, you must set apart some time to be with your cat. Although she might not show it all the time, the time she spends with you means a lot to her.
  • Create a safe environment in your house. Try to give her a safe space where she can go to when she’s feeling especially stressed out – maybe during a house party or thunderstorm. Create a place for her that’s just her own.
  • Give her high-quality food. Just like it’s with humans, diet is a key part of both physical and mental development for cats. Give your cat a diet that’s better suited to her particular lifestyle.
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