Is Your Cat Diabetic? Here Are Some of the Best Foods You Should Give It


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When your pets develop conditions like obesity, cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses, it can be quite worrying. Unfortunately, much like humans, pets are always at a high risk for becoming ill and therefore it is important to pay close attention to what your pets eat and lead their lifestyle.Cats are at a high risk of getting diabetes and if you happen to have a cat that is diabetic, then you need to take good care of your cat's diet. There are foods that can aggravate your cat's health and there are foods that can help your cat deal with the condition.Cat owners often find it confusing when it comes to the question of what to feed a diabetic cat. Not to worry, we've got it covered.Here is a list of foods that are best for your cat if he or she has diabetes.

Stick to a low carbohydrates and high protein diet

A high level of carbohydrates in your cat's food can lead to sudden spikes in the blood sugar levels. These sudden spikes of blood sugar levels lead to an increase in the need for insulin which is harmful for cats with diabetes. In order to avoid this, feed your cat food that is low in carbohydrates and high in protein. It is important to note that the protein comes from meat products such as chicken, beef, and fish.If your cat happens to be overweight, put your cat on a diet in which 50 percent of the calories are contributed by protein sources, and 40 percent of the calories are contributed by carbohydrates.

No dry foods

Generally, cat owners do not prefer feeding dry food to their cats although at times it is quite convenient. Dry foods are a definite no-no for diabetic cats. Instead, to stick to a canned or raw meat diet which fulfills the dietary requirements of your cat.

Whole grain foods

If your cat is diabetic, it is best to stay away from foods that are based on white flour. Generally, white flour is not a preferable food for both humans and animals and it should be strictly avoided in case your cat is diabetic. Instead feed your cat food that is based on whole grains or even no grains. This will keep your cat full and satisfied for a longer period and give it the energy that he or she needs.While choosing food that is grain-free, remember to check the label to find out if grain substitutes like peas or potatoes are being used. If it contains any of these, avoid giving them to your cat.

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