Is Your Cat Bored? Hereโ€™s How To Cheer Her Up

Is Your Cat Bored? Hereโ€™s How To Cheer Her Up

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Cats are really curious animals. We think we understand them but then they surprise us in some big way and prove us wrong. Cats are inquisitive and they love to climb and explore. They seek mental stimulation in order to stay and feel occupied. They become bored really quickly and that can lead to further problems like depression. One thing we can all agree on is the fact that we love our cats and we wouldnโ€™t want them to be anything but healthy and happy. Here are a few signs that show that your cat might be bored.

  1. Over GroomingItโ€™s not just about over grooming but also other repetitive behaviors. If your cat is obsessively licking herself and pulling at or biting her skin, it can result is irritation which just prompts the licking to continue.
  2. FightingIf your cat is fighting or shading other household pets โ€“ even trying to corner the dog who is significantly heavier than her, it is a cry for help. She needs a better game to play or problem to solve. She has deigned to chase pets at the lack of better things to do.
  3. InactivityCats spend more than 15 hours a day napping. So itโ€™s not that uncommon if you catch her at rest. But if you feel that for some reason her natural curiosity is not kicking it, something might be wrong. Cats with no mental stimulation or nothing physical to do end up becoming couch potatoes and thatโ€™s very unhealthy. If her movement throughout the whole day is to the food bowl, litter box, and back to the couch, youโ€™re clearly looking at a bored feline.
  4. MopingIf you just see your cat going around the house looking glum or uninterested, it could be a sign that sheโ€™s not getting the mental stimulation she so craves.
  5. Creating her own version of stimulation.If she goes to great lengths to find entertainment, sheโ€™s bored. For example, she might go looking for trouble just as something to do. She might attack that comfy new comforter you just bought just to stir up some trouble or get attention.
  6. OvereatingHumans start eating when they get bored. Same goes for cats. They wonโ€™t be eating because theyโ€™re hungry, but because they need something to do. This can result in obesity which can depress her even further.
What Can You Do About It?

There are many things you could try. Like cats enjoy watching life go by. So try and move her favorite couch in view of the window where she can watch people go about their business. Get her a scratching post or a cat tree. Cats love climbing and exploring and she will most likely love her own tree. Find her toys that stimulate the mind. You could even try and introduce her to other cats in the neighborhood, youโ€™re always better with someone than alone.

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