Is It Safe To Give Peanuts To Your Pet Dog?



An analysis done on search engine revealed an interesting fact. Most pet owners have been using the keywords "dogs and nuts" very frequently. The information clearly goes on to prove that many pet owners are curious to know whether it is safe god their dogs to eat nuts or not. It is indeed a pertinent query as there are some common varieties of nuts, which content can be toxic for your dogs. Some of them include pea and, macadamia, pistachios, walnuts and almonds. However, are old-shinned and good peanuts risky for your dogs? Or can they eat these peanuts without you getting tensed about the possible consequences?

Though safe, be cautious about chances of side effects of peanuts

Here is good news for you if you are a dog owner. Peanuts are not toxic for your dogs. But you need to understand that though it is okay for the dogs to eat dog cookies and other eatables with peanuts in them, the fat constituent is quite high. In fact it is tougher for your dogs to digest fat. When your dog eats something that has a high proportion of fat chances are that it can suffer from conditions like vomiting, diarrhea or stomach upset. Additionally, if dogs intake excessive fat with their meals, a painful condition known as pancreatitis can develop. It is a condition wherein the pancreas of your dogs becomes inflammatory because of excessive intake of fat. Although there is a cure of this condition, it can be quite painful for your dogs. Hence, you should try your best to ensure that such a condition is prevented.

It is recommended to make your dog stay away from salted peanuts

In case you are planning to give a peanut treat to your dog such as baking a homemade cookie with peanuts giving it peanut butter, it is better to use low-salted peanuts of peanut with low sodium content. That is because excessive salt can cause a condition called sodium ion toxicosis.

Avoid using almond butter

Many dog owners tend to use almond butter since they think it as a good substitution whereas in reality it is not so. Plus, your dog should not be given made-for-people eatables, which have peanuts in them such peanut butter cups as well as other types of candy bars. You should remember that even chocolate is highly toxic for your dogs since they could result in accidental poisoning.

Ingredients should be checked thoroughly

The market is full of different types of nut butters. So it makes sense to check their ingredients for the presence of xylitol, which is a substitute for sugar. This ingredient is highly toxic got your dogs, Hence you be careful in checking the ingredients used in a nut butter. A clue for you could be the words "natural sweetener", which indicates that there is a possibility of the presence of xylitol in it.

Which nuts are safe to eat for dogs?

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Dietitianโ€™s constantly propound the health benefits of nuts for humans. However, it can be a rather dangerous food group for dogs. Only certain nuts are considered safe for consumption by dogs. Even these nuts need to be taken in moderate amounts so as to not cause gastric upset. Some dogs are more tolerant to nuts than others. Only a handful of nuts has the ability to induce vomiting and diarrhea in some dogs. They can even trigger off allergies in dogs who are prone to allergies.

Nuts that dogs can safely consume

Some of the nuts that dogs can safely consume are โ€“

  • Peanuts โ€“ Shelled and unseasoned peanuts are great for dogs, roasted or raw. Dogs donโ€™t usually exhibit peanut allergies.
  • Hazelnuts โ€“ Again, hazelnuts are not toxic for dogs. Roast them or serve them raw. As long as the hazelnuts are not seasoned with syrups or spices, they are safe to consume.
  • Cashews โ€“ Cashews have to be administered carefully. Any more than one or two may cause stomach problems in your dog.

What about nut butters?

Dogs can be fed nut butters. However, these too should only be provided in moderate amounts. Make sure the nut butter is sugar-free and low sodium. A good idea is to stick to natural and organic nut butters, so you can limit your dogโ€™s sugar and salt intake.


Nuts have a high fat content. While this fat is considered good fat, eating nuts in excess can cause high blood pressure, pancreatitis and weight gain. The pancreas gets inflamed as a result of pancreatitis and is unable to break fat down. If your dog comes down with this condition, rush him/her to a vet and donโ€™t leave them to recover at home by themselves. They will need pain medication to deal with the severe pain in their abdomen and IV fluids which will flush the fat from your system. Infact, your dog may also be required to go on a lifelong low-fat type in order to fight a certain kind of pancreatitis.


Are nuts as healthy for dogs as they are for humans? No. Your dogs get the nutrition they require from their dog food itself. Nuts can definitely improve their coat and skin health but it doesnโ€™t have any other specific health benefits for your dog apart from that. You can use peanut butter stuffed into a toy to keep your dog engaged for hours. Refrain from giving your dogs nut mixtures as there are nuts which can be fatal for them. Macadamias, pistachios and walnuts can be toxic for dogs. So only feed your dogs shelled almonds, cashews and peanuts in moderation, if you must feed them nuts.

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