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Neutering or spaying is vital to keep the population of felines at an acceptable level. If you have a new kitten in the house, you should consider neutering the animal. The big question, however, is what is the right age to neuter or spay a cat. Why do you need to do this anyway?

Three times

Veterinarians debate about the best time about when you should neuter your cat. You have a choice of three standard options: you can neuter the cat anytime when it is aged between six weeks to eights weeks. This is termed pediatric neuter. The standard spay is done anytime between five months and six months. The last one is done post first heat, anytime between eighty months and 12 months. Many veterinarians recommend doing the neutering when the cat is at five months. This is the time when the pets have attained a good size and the owners have already accepted or trained it. The anesthesia and the subsequent surgery are generally safe.Whatever the age of neutering, there are a number of definitive health benefits linked to the procedure. Cats of both sex can undergo the procedure.

Female cat

If you have a female cat, it is important to neuter her prior to the first heat cycle. This eliminates the possibility of the cat suffering from mammary or breast cancer. This can be a serious problem in felines as mammary cancers become extremely aggressive when compared to other and different species. It also helps that the neutered female cats become incapable of developing uterine and ovarian cancers. They are also protected from pyometra, a life threatening uterine infection. The list of other health benefits include negating any possibility of complications which could occur with birthing and pregnancy.

Male cat

For male cats, the benefits are primarily behavioral. It also eliminates the possibility of the cat developing testicular cancer while it ages. It is seen that a non-neutered male cat will try to escape, fight, roam and spray urine- all associated with general tom cat behavior. Leukemia and Feline AIDS can spread through bites, frequently brought through sexual competition. Neutering will reduce your cat's mating urges- and reduce the possibility of fatal infections.A responsible owner must neuter the cat. This will go a long way to reduce the specter of pet overpopulation. It is wrong to see the issue of neutering through human eyes and how it will affect us if done to human beings. The truth is that your cat looks at the procedure much differently. They have the urge to reproduce quickly and as much as possible. There is a need to end to that.

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